Florida Literacy Week

January 22nd- 26th

“Find Yourself in a Book”

Branford Elementary School’s Schedule of Events

Monday- Read My Tee Shirt Day

Tuesday- Vocabulary Rocks Our Hats and Socks (Students create a hat around a vocab. word- for example the word “ferocious” may be a hat designed to look like scary teeth)

Wednesday- “Oh the Places We Will Go” (Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up- great time to discuss careers)

Thursday- “Team Up for Reading” STEM buddies pair up to read with each other (Each grade level will have a designated color to wear for this day.)

PreK - Blue

KG - Yellow

1st - White

2nd - Red

3rd - Purple

4th - Green

5th - Orange

Everyone Else - Black

Friday- “Find Yourself in a Book” (Dress up as your favorite book character.)